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Comprehensive Farmland Preservation Plan

Adopted July 17, 2008

The Morris County Farmland Preservation Program began with the permanent preservation of the Cupo Farm, a 14-acre farm in Washington Township, on December 28, 1987. As of December 2007, the Morris CADB has permanently preserved 101 farms in the County totaling 6,478 acres. Interest in the program continues. With 29,998 acres of farm assessed property in Morris County (as of December 2007), there is still a lot of work to be done.

Due to the growing success of New Jersey’s Farmland Preservation Program, the State Agriculture Development Committee (SADC) adopted new program rules that streamline the preservation process. The new rules allow a more timely expenditure of public preservation funds and provide the ability to keep up with the increased development pressure in the State.

A major component of the new program rules is the development and adoption of a County Comprehensive Farmland Preservation Plan (Plan). This Plan allows for preservation applications to be processed more efficiently and provides a more strategic approach to preserving farmland in our County.

On July 17, 2008, the Morris CADB and the Morris County Planning Board held a joint Public Hearing regarding the Plan and the modification of the Morris County Agricultural Development Area (ADA). Following the Public Hearing, the Morris County Planning Board adopted the Plan as an element of the Morris County Master Plan. The Morris CADB adopted the Plan and approved the modification of the ADA.

Comprehensive Farmland Preservation Plan: Cover Page
  Executive Summary
  Table of Contents
  Chapter I: Morris County's Agricultural Land Base
  Chapter II: Morris County's Agricultural Industry
  Chapter III: Land Use Planning Context (PDF 2.1MB)
  Chapter IV: Morris County's Farmland Preservation Program
  Chapter V: Future Farmland Preservation Program
  Chapter VI: Economic Development
  Chapter VII: Natural Resource Conservation
  Chapter VIII: Agricultural Industry Sustainability, Retention and Promotion
  Soils in Morris County (4.5 MB)
  Farmland in Morris County (9 MB)
  Agricultural Development Area (5 MB)
  Northeast Project Area (770 KB)
  Central Project Area - North (879 KB)
  Central Project Area - South (617 KB)
  West Project Area - South (534 KB)
  West Project Area - North (634 KB)
  Appendix A: Mission Statement
  Appendix B: Preserved Farms
  Appendix C: Farmland Preservation Program Statistics
  Appendix D: Charts: Cumulative & Annual Acres Preserved
  Appendix E: Pending Projects
  Appendix F: Morris CADB Policies (PDF 1MB)
  Appendix G: Ranking System
  Appendix H: Washington Township's Cluster Ordinance (PDF 1MB)
  Appendix I: SADC's Right to Farm Model Ordinance
  Appendix J: NJ State Development and Redevelopment Plan (PDF 1MB)
  Appendix K: Goals and Objectives of the Morris County Master Plan
  Appendix L: 8-9-07 Morris CADB Meeting Minutes (PDF 1.5MB)
  Appendix M: 8-Year Program Farms

Reports: List of Farms Eligible for Preservation

Farm Eligibility: To review the criteria utilized by the Morris CADB to select and rank farms, please see Policy: P-8, Easement Purchase Program Eligibility and Ranking System and Policy: P-9, Agricultural Development Area (ADA).